Commercial Shops at BPTP, Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana starting from 17.50Lac

  • 78423973O-1484127317
  • 44597F-1331032233-Main_Gate_-_BPTP
  • 44603F-1331032233-Residential_Homes_-_BPTP
  • 44609F-1331032234-Full_View_The_Pranayam_Appartment_-_BPTP
  • 44615F-1331032234-Puri_Constuction_Appartments_-_BPTP
  • 44617F-1331032235-Residential_Appartments_-_BPTP
  • 44625F-1331032236-Park_-_BPTP
  • 44627F-1331032236-Park_-BPTP
  • 44629F-1331032236-Devine_Retret_Ashram_-_BPTP
  • 78423977O-1484127695
  • 78423979O-1484127319
  • 78423981O-1484127653
  • 78423983O-1484127697
  • 78923877O-1484635816

For Sale Sorry, Price is not mentioned. - Commercial

Commercial shops available for sell. Located in bptp (Faridabad). Built in the area of 450 sq.Ft.(Builtup area) . Available at a price of “thirty five lakh rupees”. The property comes with a good construction quality which ages under 5 years . Property is ready to move . Equipped with shared bathrooms.

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